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You could be getting a pay rise!

Sunday April 1st 2018 is when the new National Living Wage for those aged 25+ and National Minimum Wages for everyone else come into effect. If you are currently on these rates of pay, you can expect a bit of a pay rise come April. We have detailed the changes in the following video:

National Minimum Wage Increase...
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Nailing the Interview

Nailing the Interview  The vast majority of us all have to work to live- and this will generally mean we all have to go through the initial step of The Interview. Everybody feels differently to the process with some sailing through with ease, whilst others dread the build-up, during and aftermath of the whole interview. So what can you do to help yourself out if you are the latter? We have put together a few pointers together so that you can walk in with your head held high and ready to nail it! Practice and prepare
  • Look at typical job questions for your role and sector and the best way you can answer. Establish the basics and tweak them to be relevant to how the interviewer asks them.
  • Look at the job requirements from the job spec/description and match each one to a real-life example of your experience.
  • Compile a list of your own questions...
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