Nailing the Interview

Nailing the Interview 

The vast majority of us all have to work to live- and this will generally mean we all have to go through the initial step of The Interview. Everybody feels differently to the process with some sailing through with ease, whilst others dread the build-up, during and aftermath of the whole interview. So what can you do to help yourself out if you are the latter? We have put together a few pointers together so that you can walk in with your head held high and ready to nail it!

Practice and prepare

  • Look at typical job questions for your role and sector and the best way you can answer. Establish the basics and tweak them to be relevant to how the interviewer asks them.
  • Look at the job requirements from the job spec/description and match each one to a real-life example of your experience.
  • Compile a list of your own questions to ask the interviewer/employer.
  • Research the company – Look at the history of the company, their values and their products and services.


  • Get your interview outfit ready. Most often it will be a suit or smart office wear and ensure it is ironed and prepped in advance so it is one less thing to worry about on the day.

Be on time

  • Make sure you arrive early, and give yourself plenty of travel time in case of delays or traffic. But don’t be too early either- this can still show poor time management.

Remain calm

  • If you are offered a glass of water, it can often help to calm your nerves giving you something to focus on, and pace yourself as you take sips of water.
  • Try to keep eye contact as much as you can and listen to what the interviewer is saying to you before interjecting.

Show off your knowledge!

  • If during your research and preparation for the interview you picked up some useful facts, tell them about it! It could be a recent acquisition, past clients or projects and fit it into the interview and see if you can relate it to you or your work.

Are there any differences between an interview for a temporary role and a permanent role? The short answer is yes; however all of the above points are important in the battle of winning the interview. If you are going in for a temp role, you will often have a CV that is like a business directory as you have worked on so many placements in different companies. Use your experience to your advantage! Temping is a different ball park to those who have longer-stints at permanent contracts. Hopping from placement to placement can give you a wealth of experience in different areas that you can shout about; varying roles, varying exposure to procedures/software/machines, working within different teams/environments etc.

For those of you looking at permanent roles, it is especially vital that you do further in-depth research. You should even be going to the extent of finding out the name of the person who will be interviewing you. This can help you find out more about them making it more likely to build up a rapport, coming across as familiar, likeable and a better chance of showing you can fit in with the company culture.

Don’t forget that when you are working alongside Forde Recruitment in securing your next role we can help you with interview techniques and will offer any help if required- all you need to do is ask!


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