How do I know when I need a new job?

How do I know when I need a new job?


We all know that a ‘job for life’, or the days of having the same role for decades are a distant memory. As an employee or a job seeker in the current job market, you demand more. You want flexibility, perks, certain guarantees and you expect to get it. No longer are we afraid to jump ship into different roles or learn something new. So when does it get to that stage when you know the time in your current role is coming to an end?

The Dread

Commonly known as ‘Sunday Night Syndrome’, even if you don’t work Monday to Friday you can still suffer from this. It is that feeling in the pit of your stomach the night before you go into work, dreading the tasks, people and responsibilities of the day ahead. It is often followed with the near-impossible task of dragging yourself out of bed the morning after, knowing you are only getting dressed today to voluntarily take yourself to the place you least want to be.

Believe it or not- it is possible to cure the symptoms of Sunday Night Syndrome! If your dread is being brought on by; a lack of new challenges, you’ve stopped learning new skills or you have become too comfortable then these are all tell-tale signs you need to get yourself into a new role.


The struggle is real too for temporary and agency workers. People do agency/temping work for a multitude of reasons. Some find the flexibility that could be involved hugely beneficial, whereas some just want part time work to top up other income or their pensions. However if you use it as your sole source of income, there can be reasons for you needing to leave your current role even if you love it. For instance, if work becomes too infrequent, and it unfortunately stops becoming viable then you need to start actively checking out your other options.

If you’re current role gets to a stage where it affects your physical and mental health, it is important that you help yourself and take yourself away. After all you aren’t doing yourself or your employer a favour if you become ill due to work.


There are a number of ways to get started looking for a new role. You can check out job boards where employers will post available roles. You can upload your CV to a lot of these job boards as well, filling it with key words so that potential employers or recruiters can find you and propose your next role. Or you can register yourself with some recommended recruitment agencies, such as ourselves! Who knows, we may even be able to find your next dream role. What have you got to lose!?


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