7 Things You Should Not Be Doing During Your Next Job Hunt

7 Things You Should Not Be Doing During Your Next Job Hunt

Everybody has to do it. Spruce up their CV, search the internet and pray that you find your ideal job in no time at all. Of course, in reality, finding your next role doesn’t always (or ever) go that smoothly. No one knows the perfect balance or routine that will help you bag your dream job, but there are definite tried and tested ways that you can attempt to help yourself out. So with that in mind, let Forde Recruitment point out 7 of the more important ones. You should not….

  1. Use the same CV and cover letter for every job you apply for
    If you care about the next role you get, then you need to make it apparent in every stage of your application. Your CV should be up to date right up to the day of your previous employment and experience. But it also needs to be concise and not so lengthy that a hiring manager or recruiter is going to toss it aside for fear of being bored. Keep yourself a standard version of your CV, and tweak it to suit each role you apply for, and remove some of the content that isn’t as relevant. As for your cover letter; every one should be original and written in a way that is tailored directly to that one role. The worst thing a hiring manager will want to read is a cover letter that you wrote a week earlier for a completely different role in a different company.
  2. Apply for roles you don’t care about or believe you wouldn’t enjoy
    If you have been job hunting for longer than expected, you can often find yourself applying for roles vaguely similar to what you are looking for just so it feels like you are getting somewhere. However, you need to remind yourself of why you are looking for a new role in the first place. Moving from one job that isn’t what you want into another isn’t progress; it’s just delaying your end goal. Instead of applying for these kinds of roles, take a look at your current approach to job hunting and change it. Which takes us on to our next point:
  3. Use only one method of job searching
    There have never been so many different ways to find your next job. You have your older (and probably least effective) methods of handing in hard copies of a CV into businesses such as retail stores. There are apprenticeships, which have had a sudden renaissance recently. Then you have the plethora of job boards on the internet, for which you should be registered with multiple. These job boards not only allow you to search for jobs that recruiters and companies have posted themselves, but you can also upload your CV (up to date of course, as per point 1) so they can find you directly. If you are only using one job board- get yourself onto Google and sign up to more! There is also the recent boom of using social media. Websites such as LinkedIn are very popular for networking with like-minded professionals, as well as giving you a platform to list all your skills and experience to potential employers.
  4. Get disheartened by rejection
    It’s a competitive job market out there. Companies are looking for the best talent, and sometimes you can miss out on a role by the slightest of margins. When you don’t get a role that you wanted, there are a number of ways you can turn it around to actually benefit you. One; ask for feedback. This is invaluable information that you can take on board, learn from and it shouldn’t be a barrier in future. Two; you can use it as a reflection on your current situation. Would that role have been the best thing for you? What aspects of that role are you most happy about not having to undertake? Rejection from a role can really make you focus on the things you do want from your next one.
  5. Forget to shout about yourself!
    Who knows you better than you? Definitely not a hiring manager who only heard about you for the first time five minutes ago after seeing your application. And they can forget about you just as quickly. In a competitive job market, you need to sell yourself. Let the person in charge of the hiring know why you are the right person for the job. Don’t rely on skills and experience alone getting you the job; you need to show passion and enthusiasm so that they know you will give this role your all.
  6. Let it take over your life
    If looking for your next job consumes all your time and leaves little allocation for anything else, you will soon begin to lose all interest and motivation. Especially if you’re getting little reward for all the hours you spend on it. Instead, play it smarter and streamline your efforts as discussed earlier. Give yourself time to do other activities such as your hobbies. If you give yourself allocated times to focus on your job hunt, you won’t feel guilty doing some of the things you enjoy, and you won’t begin to hate the job hunting process. This is hugely important, as if hating the job hunt does anything; it sets you back in achieving your goal.
  7. Be desperate
    So you have done everything we have said to do so far; you have handed over a bespoke CV for a role that you really want via a new job board you haven’t used before, and you have managed to bag yourself an interview. Great news. This is the all-important final hurdle in the marathon of the job hunt.Many people are in danger of coming across over desperate at interview, especially if they have been out of work, looking for a role for a long time or really want a particular role. In all of these situations, it’s almost guaranteed that coming across as desperate is going to hinder your chances. Instead, what you need to do is prepare, prepare, prepare. Find out as much as possible about the company before going to interview, and if possible, find out what you can about the hiring manager (LinkedIn is a good tool for this level of research). Think of the kind of questions they will ask you and what they are likely to want to know, and have some answers prepared.

This guide of course isn’t a guaranteed way to get your next role, but it is a step in the right direction for you to start with. So, good luck with your job hunt! And don’t forget, if you apply for a role that Forde Recruitment is hiring for, then your dedicated consultant will help you with your CV and interview tips. Check out what we have available now via our jobs section.

7 things you should not be doing during your job hunt forde recruitment

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